Carbon Footprint Analysis Made Easy!

Carbon management has evolved into a complex process requiring proficiency and technical skills. You and your customers deserve a good quality tool faciliating calculations to focus on the analysis and optimisation parts.

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Easy Inventory Management

Group your corporate emissions factors to build your stats based on time and location

Live data calculation

Emissions and energy consumptions are calculated on the fly as you input data in the dynamic table module

Chart Creation Interface

Regroup your data within layers and create striking charts to visualize your company's carbon footprint progress.

Perfect Data Editing With Calculated Fields

Working with table data is tricky. Doing it within the carbon emissions context is hard too. We make it easy for you. You just input source types with consumption values and our tabular processing engine will automatically calculate emissions and energy output. Your data will be instantanously ready to be represented with beautifully crafted data charts.

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Visualize Corporate Emissions Data With Custom Functions

With the help of our advanced analysis builder tool, you can create multiple axis charts indicating emissions and energy consumption comparisons.

  • Drag & Drop Table Builder
  • Time and location based data grouping
  • Key Performance Indicator creation
  • Custom comparison functions
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Why Choose DECarbonTool

You deserve a good quality tool for carbon footprint analysis and optimisation.

Comprehensive Inventory Design

Design auditable, transparent, well-documented inventories of Scope 1,2,3 greenhouse gas emissions in accordance with International Standards (ISO 14064-2018 and GHG Protocol).

Data Collection

Collect data from dozens of facilities and warehouses - ensuring data collection directly from suppliers.


It's hard to conceptualize raw data out of numbers without visualization. Make it happen with beautiful charts.

Custom Dashboard

Create your own dashboard to showcase featured charts and tables. Drag and drop placeholders to apply your custom design.

Ease of use

No need to struggle with a long learning curve. Our user interface will help you to discover how the tool works soon after you start using it.

Import from Excel

Import your Excel file to an inventory and leave the rest to us. Your data will be instantaneously converted to a dynamic table.

Export to Excel

Export your dynamic data to Excel files.

PDF Reports

Select up to three charts per sheet, add your notes and voila! Your PDF reports are ready to be saved or printed.

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Basic Account

  • 1 Facility
  • 4 Inventories
  • 1 User
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  • Suppliers Management


Standard Account

  • 3 Facilities
  • 12 Inventories
  • 20+ Users
  • Phone & Email Support
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  • Suppliers Management


Premium Account

  • Unlimited Facilities
  • Unlimited Inventories
  • Unlimited Users
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